Tree Surgeons Near Me – Advice to Help You Choose the Right Tree Surgery Company


23rd September 2019 | Info

Depending on the area you live in, there will generally be more than one local tree surgeon near you that will be able to undertake the tree work that you require. The list below has been compiled to help you choose the right company for you and to reassure you in your decision on selecting a tree surgeon.


Most tree surgeons will hold certificates from the City and Guilds NPTC, which are the leading land-based industries qualification service. If a company does not have any of these, then caution should be taken.

Lantra is another organisation/qualification service to look out for as these generally run side by side with NPTC. They provide training in many land-based industries as well as qualifications.


Any respectable company will have a minimum of £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, with most having £10,000,000 alongside the equivalent in Employers Liability. There will be smaller companies who’s standard of work will be more than acceptable yet only hold £1,000,000 Public liability. It is not rude to ask for proof of this from any company and, any respectable organisation should be happy to oblige at the request.

If you are looking for tree consultancy, then the company should also have Professional Indemnity insurance.


Well established businesses will have several years worth of experience within their team, and they are often keen to share this in forms of their advertising and logos that state when they first established. Being an industry with a lot of variables from working with nature, the more experience a tree company can offer, the more likely it is for you, a client, to have a better experience. Some qualifications available these days allow people in the industry to start trading that have little to no experience, so it’s always worth asking. Plus,  any decent company will be only too happy to show off previous work examples and take pride in what they do.


Although image isn’t everything and is not a true representative of what skills a tree surgery company may possess, it is an indication that they care about what they do and that you are more likely to get a better service. Newer machinery and equipment should also indicate a more reliable service, purely on the fact that there won’t be any issues from breakdowns or faulty equipment to undertake any works.


Tree Surgery is an industry that requires a lot of different equipment and machinery. The more a company has on offer, the more services it can provide. It also indicates that they have worked hard to gain more and provide a better service for their clients.

Response time & Communication

The way a tree surgery company, whether they are a small team or large outfit, responds to an enquiry from the start is one of the first ways to judge what kind of service they provide. If they are polite and quick to respond, as well as helpful with advice from the start, then the rest of the service provided will often be the same. No one likes being let down on appointments or jobs that are booked in just to be cancelled last minute. Yes, things do happen out of everyone’s control, so good communication from the start through to the finish of a job is paramount and the best indication of a reliable company.


Reliability is the key to any good company and to finding the right tree surgeon for you. With trees, hedges and most land-based industries, things do grow and repeat work is needed. Any established company will have a regular client list which has often been built up over time from providing a good reliable service. So, if you get a good, quick response, have a site visit arranged and they attended at the time they stated, the quotation back to you is as promised within the time frame given, then this company may well be the one for you.

Additional Tips

There are two recognised schemes certify the ability of arborists through examination, regular assessment or Continuing Professional Development (CPD). If a tree surgeon has these accreditations, then you know that their work can be trusted.

  1. The Arboricultural Association (AA) – AA ARB Approved contractors are assessed on their health and safety procedures alongside their office and business practices, customer care and quality of tree work. They can easily be identified as all AA ARB Approved businesses will display the AA ARB Approved Contractor logo.
  2. International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) – ISA approved arborists will display the ISA Certified  Arborist Logo. When you see these logos, you can be assured that the tree surgeon has been assessed as an individual for their knowledge and ability. 


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