How to Prepare Your Garden for Your Tree Surgeon


29th April 2019 | Info

How you can help

  • Your tree surgeon will normally offer to move anything that is likely to be an obstacle. However, they will be able to get started sooner if they turn up in the morning to find that flowerpots, bins etc. have already been cleared away.


  • Your tree surgeon will benefit from your car being off the drive ready for their arrival so they can pull up and reverse off the road, in order to cause as little disruption to other road users as possible.


  • Always make your tree surgeon aware of any sentimental items that cannot be moved.


  • If you have dogs, your tree surgeon will appreciate any excrement being cleaned up prior to commencing work. Dog mess can be transported from boots, up ladders and onto branches as well as working its way onto ropes and tools etc.

Things to watch out for

  • When quoting for your tree surgery work, your tree surgeon should have asked if there are any hidden drains or services to watch out for.


  • Even with the best intentions, it is very difficult to avoid damaging shrubs underneath a working area. If you have any shrubs of special importance, digging them up prior to your tree surgeon’s arrival would be most helpful and if the shrubs are kept in a damp dark bag, they can be reinstated after works have been completed. It is worth considering placing bins or tubs over your shrubs to prevent branches falling on them.


  • Awkward access can make dragging branches across your grass and patio challenging and it may be difficult to avoid causing minor damage, such as scratches and marks. If you are particularly protective over your garden aesthetic, then be sure to mention this to your tree surgeon as they will more than likely take a little extra care.


  • Fences beneath trees are an obstacle, however a professional tree surgeon should take great care and if damage occurs, a professional tree surgeon should repair or replace broken fencing at his/her own cost.


  • Overhead cables are very important to consider. Your tree surgeon should know the safe working distances from electricity and if necessary, will have arranged for the relevant shut down with the local utility provider.


  • Telephone cables are not dangerous but if damaged you and your tree surgeon can be liable for any repairs.

For your safety

  • Your tree surgeon should always politely ask you not to enter the work area, especially around the trees and machinery as there could be hanging branches, bouncing debris and trip hazards. It is easy to be complacent and hurry out to ask a question, forgetting that your tree surgeon is working away and not expecting someone other than his groundsman to walk under the tree.


  • Always keep pets indoors.

Most importantly

Always make a nice cup of tea for your tree surgeon!

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