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How do I tell a good tree surgeon from a bad one?


16th August 2021 | Info

Every business has its “cowboys” – people who are tradesmen in name only, and generally do the bare minimum of a job (if at all!). The question of how to tell a good tree surgeon from a bad one is a difficult one to answer, but there are a few points to consider when choosing your tree surgeon:

  • Politeness and punctuality are generally a good sign of a professional person.
  • Is he taking notes and photographs to make sure he does not forget your requirements?
  • When the quotation arrives, is it well laid out and does it include everything you asked for?
  • Check for reviews and recommendations from trusted websites/magazines, who do not take paid, commissioned “reviews.”
  • All good and reputable tree surgeons will have insurance policies to cover themselves and the public. Check whether your tree surgeon does.
  • There are additional certifications and organisations which top tier tree surgeons will have/be part of. Some examples of these are: CHAS, Trust Mark, Arb Association, and ISO.

With these points in mind when choosing your tree surgeon, you give yourself the best chance of finding reputable tradesmen who will do a good job.

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