A Tree Surgeons Diet… Food for Thought


28th August 2019 | Info

Are you too lazy to make a pack up? Don’t have time to make breakfast? Or, like a lot of people, you simply can’t eat at 6.30 in the morning? Grabbing a quick breakfast from the local garage quite often seems like the easiest option… but you end up spending a fortune!

Even if it’s quick and seems like it’s the easiest thing to do, have you ever sat down and thought about how rubbish you feel once you’ve eaten those sausage rolls, crisps and extortionately priced sandwiches that taste like cardboard?

Tree surgery is a hard, and physically demanding career and most tree surgeons don’t give much thought into how much they would benefit from putting more effort into their diet. We all know junk-food gives us very little nourishment – even if it tastes great at the time, yet by that last mouthful we’re complaining about how sick we feel.

Quite often, it is not until someone speaks about a topic like this that you realise you’ve felt lethargic all day and that it is more than likely that your diet is playing a huge part in this.

As a tree surgeon myself and having survived on no breakfast and garage junk food for years, it was only until an old colleague and I had this very conversation that I realised the effect it was having on me. From then on, I started to take notice of how I really felt after stuffing my face with those sausage rolls before clambering up a tree first thing in the morning… I felt dreadful.

Tree surgeons use up stacks of energy, that’s a given, but we quite often have a reputation of not properly replacing that energy.

Now, I don’t want to give a long boring lecture, but after having tried out a few different meals myself, the biggest change to how I felt at work was breakfast.

Like I said before, I couldn’t eat at the crack of dawn, so I went out and bought a small breakfast flask and made some porridge first thing in the morning before setting off. By the time I had loaded the van and was on the road, I would feel a little peckish and would chuck that down my neck before getting on-site instead.

I’m no nutritionist, but by simply changing up this important meal, you’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel… I mean, I was! By the time I had unloaded the kit and had my climbing kit out and fuelled up, I was shocked by the energy I had, and I was truly raring to go. My energy levels up a tree, and this is with no exaggeration, were around 30% higher. That change, and gallons of water during the summer and winter months made a huge difference too.

Even though the prospect of changing your diet up completely, and of course, the time and planning it involves, can be daunting… but making even the smallest of changes can help you and your energy levels improve significantly.

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