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Why Should I Never Leave Equipment on the Job

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11th January 2021 | Info

An article about why tree surgeons should never leave equipment on the job may seem quite condescending, and we can predict many eyes are currently rolling! But please, hear us out!

Yes, it may be easier and less of a hassle for you and your colleagues, but have you stopped to really consider what COULD happen?

We are all for streamlining and making things run as smoothly as possible, but leaving equipment on jobs is one of our absolute no-goes. So why is this?

Well, really…  much of it comes down to common sense.

On bigger jobs which will require a few days of work, it is very easy to think:

“Ah, I’ll just leave this here for tomorrow… what’s the worst that can happen?”

Well! A lot.

Complacency in the workplace is what can lead not only to lost or stolen equipment; it also means that you may not have the equipment that you then realise you need with you immediately, or ready for any emergency jobs that come in. You do not want to be the person responsible for not being able to undertake a vital job (or to be the one to delay things by having to go to wherever you have left your equipment…).

To some people, leaving equipment on jobs makes sense as often you will be coming back the next day. However, that mindset is ignorant of the inherent risks of doing so.

Leaving equipment on jobs overnight does NOT guarantee that it will be there the next day. It is more than likely that you do not personally know the area, and anyone can be watching, waiting for an opportunity to arise. So, it is always best to err on the side of caution and bring back the equipment with you to your secure yards, where you know the security arrangements and have more control of the environment.

Equipment is costly, and for those starting out, a significant investment. Why risk losing equipment or having it stolen just so you can get back to the yard 5-10 minutes early? It really is not worth it and will save you from that daunting task of confronting your boss with the news that you are unable to complete the day’s job because something has been lost, or even worse, stolen!

Furthermore, leaving equipment on the job is a risk to your client. If  they have children, there is a risk they could come into contact with a piece of equipment that has been left behind and do themselves some serious damage.

So, the next time you are about to leave a client’s job and have decided to leave some equipment behind – ask yourself:

Is it really worth it?

* Have you recently had any equipment stolen? Sign up and report it here! Arb Safe is an online site that allows you to search and report the theft of equipment amongst the arborist community.

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