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Why be lazy when you could be the best

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23rd August 2021 | Info

There isn’t a tree surgeon around who hasn’t been up a tree, looked up and thought:

“I can’t be bothered to climb that extra 4ft, I’ll knock this branch out from here, and it’ll be fine…” 

…then regretted it within seconds, having just demolished a greenhouse.

It is lazy, but we have all done it. The sooner you get out of that mentality, the sooner you will become a productive and efficient arborist.

Not only is it embarrassing to do in front of your workmates, annoying for your boss and causes you to do lots of apologising to your customer, it also gives a poor reflection on your work ethic.

We all want to be the quickest and most admired arborist in the country, and anyone can get quicker at getting to the top of a tree before frantically throwing his or herself around APPEARING to look like they are putting loads of effort in. In reality, all they are doing is just using up most of their energy and by the time they need to make their cuts, are out of breath and not concentrating on the actual job they are meant to be doing.

But wouldn’t you like to be referred to as the most efficient, skilful, and safest tree surgeon in your area? It is not hard to achieve.

Calm down and think a few steps ahead; make sure you get into a good working position and make your cuts smaller and more manageable. You will not only make your branches land exactly where you want them to, but you are also making life easier and more productive for your groundsman, making the job flow efficiently and be less strenuous.

There are still many tree surgeons who prefer not to or simply refuse to use current rigging techniques when dismantling or reducing trees, preferring to bosh big lumps out rather than get that little bit further out to undertake the work in a safe and controlled manner. The main principles of rigging do not take long to learn, and the courses are very interesting. NPTC is the governing body that provides Arborist training certifications. Click here to find your local centre or here for a specific rigging course.

While it can seem like a hassle to ask for a rope to be tied on, by the time you have sat there pondering the best way of climbing out and tackling that awkward branch, your rope would have been tied on, and the branch happily lowered to the ground with no grief at all; job done. Plus, for the client, it looks professional and reassures them that you are an expert in your skills, increasing the likelihood that you will be recommended to others by them.

So why be lazy when you could be the best?

For further reading, we suggest visiting the Arb Association:


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