Shelf Fungus – Ganoderma australe

Fungi of the Week

16th January 2020 | Info

Common name: Shelf Fungus/Southern Bracket Fungus

Scientific name: Ganoderma australe (previously adspersum).

Introduction: Ganoderma australe is a native perennial bracket fungus that causes white rot in broadleaf trees.


Cap: Caps can be between 25-60cm in diameter and have a hard, dark-brown crust with concentric ridges. The outer edge is white which leads to a white and bumpy underside.

Pores: Small, round and white – turn brown as the fungus matures or is bruised. 

Stem: Stemless. 

Spores: Fine and white. Leave a cocoa-powder like spore print behind. 

Flesh: Hard.


Most broadleaf trees, but specifically beech trees.

Impact on Trees:

Ganoderma australe causes white rot. White rot softens wood after it decays and even when the Ganoderma australe fruiting body isn’t present, the fungus can cause the thinning of crowns and associated dieback, smaller leaves, reduced growth rate, late leaf flush and early leaf fall.

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