Wood Ear – Auricularia auricular-judae

Fungi of the Week

26th September 2019 | Info

Common name: Wood Ear/Jelly Ear

Scientific name: Auricularia auricular-judae

Introduction: Wood ears, named after its ear-like appearance are a native fungus that can be found all year-round. They are regularly used in Chinese cooking and medicine.


Cap: Typically a brown-red colour and forms in the shape of an ear. It is often smooth with fine hairs. 

Pores: Similar colour to the cap but lighter. They are also smoother.

Stem: Stemless.

Spores: White, allantoid.

Flesh: Translucent, thin, jelly-like consistency

Habitat: Commonly grows on dead or living elder trees in large numbers but can be found on other wood.

Ecological Importance: Wood Ears are saprobic meaning they feed on dead or decaying wood, including Elder branches that are dying.

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