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Are you looking for a reliable and proficient handyman services to attend to those bothersome household repairs, or have you ever fantasized about renovating your bathroom into an opulent sanctuary? Consider only the proficient handyman Bill Can. Owing to our extensive tenure in catering to the dynamic community of Kansas City, we are highly committed to providing superior handyman services and proficient bathroom remodeling solutions. You can rely on Handyman Bill Can for all your home repair requirements, including a leaking faucet, a squeaky door, or a wall that requires a new coat of paint. Our proficient artisans are well-equipped to perform an extensive array of services. Enhance the ambiance and practicality of your bathroom through the proficient Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City of Handyman Bill Can. Our devoted staff recognizes the significance of a functional and tastefully designed bathroom, and we are determined to materialize your every whim. We offer individualized solutions that align with our clients' budgets and aesthetic preferences after conducting an in-depth analysis of their inclinations. With a selection of bathrooms ranging from contemporary and streamlined designs to enduring classics, Handyman Bill Can guarantees to surpass your every need. By placing a premium on dependability and punctuality, we guarantee that your projects will be completed on schedule and within budget. We prioritize your satisfaction above all else. We make every effort to guarantee your complete satisfaction with the outcomes. Prepped to undertake your residential renovation endeavors or reimagine your bathroom? Bill Can, the handyman, is present to make it so! Make contact with us immediately to schedule a consultation and allow us to assist you in materializing your concepts. Your residence merits the highest quality, and Handyman Bill Can consistently provides just that!
Handyman Bill Can

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The answer is yes, and the best two methods for achieving this are crown raising and crown thinning.

Crown raising - People often think reducing the height of a tree will bring more sunlight into a garden but this is not the case, as the sun has to be very high (peak of summer) to still get over the height of a tree. By raising the lower branches and canopy of the tree, more natural light comes in underneath the canopy and often gives the best results for allowing more light into an area.

Crown thinning - This involves removing a small percentage of the canopy. Although this method is not currently considered as best practice in the industry, it is still an effective way to allow more natural light through a tree’s crown. It takes skill and experience to perform this method well. Removing too many branches can have a detrimental effect on the tree’s health.

Providing the tree is not protected by a tree preservation order or is within a conservation area then yes, you can do this legally if the branches are causing a nuisance. By rights, you should offer the arisings back to the neighbour as it is in their ownership. It becomes problematic if you must access the tree, e.g. by climbing, as this is then considered trespassing.

In our experience, it is always best to consult the neighbour first, or if you don’t get on, allow a third-party, e.g. a tree surgeon, to approach them on your behalf. This often results in the required outcome as a professional approach can reassure a neighbour that the work will be done correctly and therefore make them more forthcoming.

Depending on species, it is often best to let wood go through at least one summer of drying time, and two summers’ drying will make for better firewood. Firewood will season quicker if cut or split, as this opens the interior of the wood that will hold moisture and allows air around the whole section, speeding up the drying process.